Trust your light

You have all the answers within – sometimes you just need someone to shine a light on your light…

That would be me <3


Not only are you build for more – your unique expression is needed in the world!

Most people that come to me for coaching need to re-connect with either their soul, or parts of their soul that they have allowed disconnection from. You have all answers to all questions inside of you. We all know this to be true – jet it is powerful when you have the answers confirmed from the outside. Sometimes you even go so deep into your issues that you forget how amazing you truly are. 

Im here to remind you of your light. To remind you what a powerhouse you truly are, AND to remind you that sometimes, even a powerhouse like yourself needs someone to hold space for their brilliance. 


My Services

Light language message

Channeled message

Ask a question, and get divine guidance on your particular problem.

This comes through as a recorded message that is then sent directly to you via email.

Divine Power

Soul session

Uncover, and re-connect with the divine power that is you. Discover your brilliance and allow yourself to shine.

This is a personal 60 minutes session on zoom.

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    The 8th transmission

    This is the 8th transmissions for humanity Bringing in the light is essential at this point in time, dear ones. No need to dim your light in any way.  Seek the light. Embrace the light. Bring yourself closer to those that understand to bring transmissions of the light...

    The 7th transmission

    This is the 7th channeled transmission for humanity This is such a beautiful time to take place in the human experience. You are so blessed and so loved.  Amazing you are, brave ones, that you have chosen this time of transformation to take part in the human...

    The 6th transmission – Let go and allow

    This is the 6th transmission for humanity Let go. Let go and allow the light into your world. Letting the liquid lighted love flow freely to you and through you will assist in this time of rapid transformation. There is no need to focus outside of yourself. There is...

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