Essentially I am here to shine a light on your light. I don’t always know what that looks like. So far its looked like everything from a 3 hour sour session, to a long walk, a campfire chat, and an intense healing in far away relms. Anything is posible as long as you are willing and you come to me with an open heart. With that said – here are some suggestions of what I might offer you..


Divine Power

Soul session

Uncover, and re-connect with the divine power that is you. Discover your brilliance and allow yourself to shine.

This is a personal 60 minutes session on zoom.

Light language message

Channeled message

Ask a question, and get divine guidance on your particular problem.

This comes through as a recorded message that is then sent directly to you via email.

High frequency

Co-working session

Getting to know each other in an informal way – join the high frequency co-working session. 

This two hour session is for anyone ready to get in flow and finally move on your next project. 

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    Sometimes all you need is a cup of something warm and a chat to see if this is really for you – i get that! Lets have coffee!