This is the fifth transmission for humanity

Allowing, dear ones. It will be all about what you allow into your field of perception. There will always be two sides of everything. The time to come will stir up the darkness that needs to be released within the human consciousness. It will be very visible in some parts of the world, but all humans and all energetic beings will feel it. 

Its about bringing love to the darkness. Bringing kindness and compassion into the world that is now. 

Look to your own darkness with compassion. Choices you have made in the past, people you have connected with, stories you tell yourself. Let it all go, and replace it with love, kindness and compassion. 

This will be essential to raising your frequency. 

A total frequency shift like the one you are living through at the moment, dear ones will take its toll on everything, and everybody. 

Try and work with your own energy only. Focus in on you and what you need at this time. 

Anchor into Gaia to help her ascend and in turn she will pull you up as she makes rapid transitions. 

Immerse yourself in nature. Allow the slow wind in the trees to calm you.