This is the 6th transmission for humanity

Let go. Let go and allow the light into your world. Letting the liquid lighted love flow freely to you and through you will assist in this time of rapid transformation.

There is no need to focus outside of yourself. There is just a need to focus in on your world and on the reality that is visible to you in this moment. 

Dear ones, we want you to thrive. To take you to your fullest potential. 

Change is needed, because the world is suffering and humans are suffering. 

Gaia knows the need for this change. She is moving herself into position. 

Allow yourself to see her for what she really is. A living energy with a very strong soul. 

Stop worrying and allowing yourself to soar to new heights, dear ones. Stop the human mind and listen into the heart. 


The transmission above was received on May 26th 2021. It is channeled from the highest light, and only for the good of humanity. If you feel like it resonates with you, please share the message with those you think may need it. Thank you. <3