This is the 7th channeled transmission for humanity

This is such a beautiful time to take place in the human experience. You are so blessed and so loved. 

Amazing you are, brave ones, that you have chosen this time of transformation to take part in the human experience. 

It is time that you wake up to the brilliance and the magnificence that is you. Allowing yourself to expand in the liquid lighted love that is always inside of you. That is you. 

Most of you believe that the ego is who you are, but it is not so. You, dear ones, are so much more. You are the divine, the light, the brilliance – that is what you call “God, Allah, Source, Universe” there is no need to label it, because it is all you. 

Connecting yourself to this truth will allow you to truly shine and to be happy all the way to your core. Not because you have something, and not because you are someone. But because you realize that you already have everything you need and you are already complete. No matter what anyone tries to lay on you. 

Stepping into this truth will set you free in ways you cannot imagine. 

Allow yourself to be the fullness of you. Only that way will you find the source to happiness. 

You are magnificent. Believe that, dear ones, believe. 


The transmission above was received on May 31th 2021. It is channeled from the highest light, and only for the good of humanity. If you feel like it resonates with you, please share the message with those you think may need it. Thank you. <3