This is the fourth transmission for humanity

Greetings dear ones. How lovely that you are here today to hear the message that is to be shared as wide as can be. 

There is no need to be alarmed, dear ones, as events will intensify. This is the change that is needed for growth. 

You will all have a role to play. So many souls are coming to assist with this transformation. Welcome them. Love them. 

Some are coming to earth for the very first time. They need the love even mere. Because they don’t know how to react to the density of this world, they need even more assistance. They are not awake when they get here, but they are much closer to the truth than what you have been used to. 

The answer to any question is always love. Loving in an extreme capacity. Anchoring in the love for mother earth.

 Find ways to show your love and appreciation for every living energy that is here, guiding the transformation. Trees, animals, humans, all play a vital part in getting Gaia safely to the next frequency. 


The transmission above was received on May 20th 2021. It is channeled from the highest light, and only for the good of humanity. If you feel like it resonates with you, please share the message with those you think may need it. Thank you. <3