This is the second channeled transmission for humanity

Growing into this new reality, this new way of being is not going to be easy . It will require everyone to make changes. The pandemic has been a great showcase that humanity can stand together and make tremendous changes when they need to. 

There is more changes to come, dear ones, Oh yes. Changes for the better, for sure, but changes that will rock the paradigm of everything. 

Some changes will be slow, some quick and disruptive. But all changes will be for the higher good. 

Focus in on your own reality when these changes happen. Focus in on anchoring them into the world closest to you. Receive the love that is so abundand and always right there for you. Fosuc on the things you can do to assist with bringing the light in. How can you be a messenger of liquid lighted love?


The transmission above was received on May 16th 2021. It is channeled from the highest light, and only for the good of humanity. If you feel like it resonates with you, please share the message with those you think may need it. Thank you. <3