This is the third transmission for humanity

Dear Ones, it is time. Time to excel and do what is needed for the planet and for humanity. 

Going higher and letting go of the little things. 

You need to let go of the ego mind. This is not about what is best for you. This is about what is better for the higher good. 

In turn, what is better for the higher good, will be better for you as a human. This will enhance your experience of life on earth. 

You can anchor into Gaia and experience her flow and tremendous power. The way Gaia protects you and all living energies is unique. 

She is about to see a whole new reality and the energies that come with that will be so different and expansive that not all humans will enjoy it. 

Some may choose to leave after they have assisted with this transformation. That is all for the higher good. You, that choose to stay behind will create a whole new understanding of what life on earth is. 

Expand in love, dear ones. Allow the universal love to flow through you and to you. Allow yourself to be a beacon of love, to assist with this transformation. 

Know that you, being you, is the key to all of this love being anchored in, in different ways all over the planet. 


The transmission above was received on May 16th 2021. It is channeled from the highest light, and only for the good of humanity. If you feel like it resonates with you, please share the message with those you think may need it. Thank you. <3